Friday, March 25, 2011

These are My Confessions....

Ah it's Friday!! FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!

It's 82 and sunny and ga-or-jous!!  This, my friends is why I live in Texas!!!  But I will confess that you will hear me complain about the hot hot hot summer sometime in the near future (but that's not even an "official" confession).



Joining Mamarazzi's & Glamazon's Friday Confessions......

I Confess
That I was totally shocked at how many of you commented on my corny dog picture from the rodeo.  It's a corny dog y'all.  Am I the only naive one out there?  Get your minds out of that gutter!

I Confess
That my son knows who Montel Williams is.  Wanna know why?  Because the boy is addicted to the Sprout channel.  And Mr. Williams likes to encourage poor moms to "get fast cash now....." with his magical cash program.  For all those high credit cards the 2 & 3 year olds are racking up.  I mean they all need to learn how to go in debt while they are a toddler, right?

Anyways, my confession is that this week has been uber busy with pta crap stuff. And it is convenient to flip the tube on and allow Barney, Thomas, and Mr. Williams to babysit.

UGH- even typing that out makes me sick.  At least I can recognize it - I know I'm in trouble when Bubba starts calling Mr. Williams "Daddy".....

I Confess
That I planned a girls weekend (which I am so excited for) on Bubba's birthday without even realizing it was his birthday.  What?  He's only turning 2!  If he was turning 10, then we'd have a problem.

Jeez, after the tv confession and this, you all think I'm a fantastic momma, huh?

Think I'm gonna change my weekend plans?

uh no.

again, he's only turning 2.

I Confess
That I am super stoked that Bubba had been learning words left & right. Blue! Plane! Cookie! Car! Poo-Poo!  What????  Yup - he loves to read The Potty Book (you know, the one with all the body parts) - his favorite part is to say "Bye Poo-Poo!!" But I regret that I forget that 22 month olds don't have a filter.  And when he waved good-bye to the 20-year old boy clerk at Target and said, "Bye-Bye Poo-Poo!", I was oh-so-proud.

I Confess
And speaking of pottys.... I am NOT trying to potty train the bubba at 22 months, however, he loves that book and now tells me when he has "poo-pooed" and pats his bottom when he has.  So the other night he says it but has no "evidence", so I stripped him down and put him on the potty - scared the crap out of him (but not literally).  Yeah, he likes to talk about it, but I have a feeling it will be slow moving (no pun intended).

So I'm going to quit while you all think so less of me and my "momma" skills.

I am looking forward to the weekend!!  The "Real Housewives of Round Rock (16 of us!!) are running in the Capitol 10K on Sunday - I am super excited ~ wait til you see pics of our awesome running shirts!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Connie said...

It took forever to potty train my son.

Haven't you heard? Kid's TV channels are educational now. No worries!!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I wondered what happened to Mr. Williams. Is Bubba's birthday OUR weekend...?

Shawn said...

We all of days/weeks/months when we earn our Mother of Year awards. I told you I'd share mine and bring Bubba birthday present to help ease your shame!

Bye-Bye Poo-Poo....I love it!

Jessica G. said...

My 2 year old insists on standing in the bathroom when she has to pooh...I'm taking that as a good sign but I'm not breaking out the little potty just yet. However, that first month where I don't have to spend a chunk of the grocery money on diapers, I am totally buying a new pair of shoes.

sarajo said...

We all have our fail moments. Glad I'm not the only "bad mama" out there!

Emmy said...

Yes TV, computer, iPads-don't we have all of those to "watch" our kids for us. :)

Forgetfulone said...

I'm so glad I don't have to do the potty training over again! That was not fun! I think all moms have used the TV as a babysitter at some time. We have stuff to do, right? Hope you have a great girls' weekend! And your 2 year old will never know it was on his birthday... unless you tell him! LOL

Darling's said...

Have fun running with your gals!! It is always more fun to run with friends!

MiMi said...

Most of us bloggers ARE pervs, ya know.

Myya said...

Bye Bye Poo Poo... ahhh hhhhaaa haaa!

YAY you on runnong the Capitol 10K, I am always jealous of people who can run. Man does my butt need to get in gear!

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