Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top 6 of DW: What's that on top of your head?

            Are you keeping up with us (or am I boring y'all to tears yet?)?  We just had so much fun on our recent trip to Disney World that I wanted to "talk" about all the unique experiences we had.  To catch up on our adventure, read about our fun visiting several countries in a matter of a few hours, or hunting for all the hidden mickeys, or take a look at all the fabulous Christmas decorations we saw.
            As for now, we are down to number 3 of our Top 6...........

What's that on top of your head??

          If you have visited the World recently, you will notice an overabundance of hats on top of Disneites heads.  I mean there are a lot of hats for sale at all of the parks and resorts.  We had way too much fun trying some on:

Some "traditional" DW hats

and not so traditional:

We found great hats in a few countries we visited.  Can you guess what countries these are from?  If you saw the "Countries" post, this should be easy-peasy.

 Number 1

 Numéro 2


 Idadi 4


Nummer 6

Número 7

 Not every country had a fun hat to try on, but we did always find an interesting prop or 2 to play with...




and the American Experience....what's wrong with a nice cowboy hat?


Lyndsay said...

It looks like your kids had a great time and they are such good sports about the picture taking!!

Vivienne said...

I just love a kid who knows how to accessorize.

Rhonda said...

Oh what fun! I love all the unique hats. Great pictures!

Shawn said...

O see a few "crazy hat day" candidates in there!

Watching the game...Colt's hurt already! Since it's not Tim playing I was routing for your boy. Sorry!

Jen said...

STOP IT! I HAVE DISNEY FEVER NOW! And you posted a picture of my fez! :) I am BUYING one when we go with the kids, hopefully within the next 2 years. Oh it looks like you had so much FUN :)

Miller Racing Family said...

I love these posts. It is like I am on vacation without the cost and no packing. I think the birthday hat is my favorite.
Have a fabulous day!

Kelli said...

I gave you an award to (hopefully) brighten your day.

Connie Weiss said...

Oh I love hats!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all of the Disney photos! I would have been in heaven trying on all of those hats!

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