Friday, January 29, 2010

It's That Time of Year!!

           Yay!!  Girl Scout Cookie time!!  Who doesn't enjoy a Thin Mint or Peanut Butter Pattie???  Especially in January where we have all made resolutions to lost weight???  It is Sissy's third year selling them and she really enjoys setting a goal and getting out there and selling.  But this year, she set an almost impossible goal.  One that at first I thought, "Great!  No Problem!!  We can sell these.  We have a booth at Walmart, they'll be flyin off the shelves!!"  
         Not so.  Her goal is to sell over 520 boxes.  Yes, you heard me.  520 boxes.  That is over 10,400 cookies.  What was I thinking????
         So I hit up my Bunco group, sent an email to my family, made hubby take the form to work, had her ask at her orthodontist office (I mean we're paying $$$$ for braces, can't they buy a $3.50 box?), and scoured the neighborhood with the 50 other girl scouts we have living here.  That sold a significant quantity.  All that we have left are the booths.  
        You know, the cute girls asking oh-so-politely, "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?"  I know I used to dodge them cause I never had cash on me- who knew that'd take a check???  But now, we are counting on our booths to get the bulk of our sales.  
         And oh how much fun these have been.  I mistakenly thought that NO ONE would be able to pass up these cuties and would be buying us out in an hour.  Not so. We have everything from the "No thanks!  I'm on a diet!" to being completely ignored.  How can you ignore my sweet girl?  
         And it is all about location- Blockbuster Video?  Not bad because we had the grocery store traffic from next door.  Walmart on a Sunday afternoon?  Not as great as we thought- most people "had bought cookies inside".  Yeah right, and you didn't see us as you went inside to shop??  
        And the place that made us laugh the most - the corner gas station where most were buying their 12 pack of Natural Light and their lottery tickets and had no interest in our cookies.  We had several interesting characters and what surprised us the most is the sweet man who told us "no thanks" as he walked to his truck to scratch off his lottery ticket.  Afterwards, he went back inside the store and came out with cash (and more lottery tickets) and gave us a $5 and walked away with out saying anything.  Sissy and I looked at each other & smiled - he must have won and wanted to share his good fortune with us.  That made our day.
          But for every ignore we get, we do have sweet folks who buy some cookies.  The sweet grandpa who tells us to "keep our change".  The busy mom who lets her 5 year old choose a box.  The teenagers who spend their allowance on 3 boxes of thin mints.  We are also getting donations to send cookies to troops overseas and many people are more willing to give us their spare change for that than they are to buy a box.  And it's these interactions that teach our girls all the values they learn from selling cookes...confidence, goal setting, and hard work. 
          But seriously Sis, is it gonna take 525 boxes to learn this???


Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Mmm! Cookies! I love how you have her standing there with all the boxes. I am impressed with her ambition!

This is my daughter's first year to sell cookies. We take orders and then get our cookies later. I couldn't imagine having all those cookies at my house. Sadly too many of them would be bought by willpower when it comes to Thin Mints.

Shawn said...

520 for just her or her troop?

Go get 'em Sissy!

Yadi said...

I have to admit, I am a sucker for those cute little girls asking in their sweet voices. I bought a box of thin mints...I can always put them in the frezer for July when my resolution is not so new.

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, how I love girl scout cookies. I remember selling these as a kiddo. I really like the photo of Sissy standing between the cookie boxes.
My favorite cook is the Carmel Delights.
Hope you reach your goal.
Have a great weekend!

Mocha with Linda said...

Glad it's you and not me! LOL Been there, done that, have the weight to prove it! Having cases in my house is pretty much torture.

Sometimes the best booth was Lowe's - men have a harder time turning down the little girls than women do. My husband would come home with a box we bought at Lowe's when we had cases in our living room! But 500+ is very doable - my girl reached that twice. But the girls who sell 1000-3000 boxes just blow my mind.

Peterson Family said...

The bad part about her selling 500 boxes is that you will have to deliver 500 boxes!

My daughter sold over 300 cookies one year and I got so tired of looking at all those boxes of cookies!!

Now we set the goal of 100. If she reaches it, great. If not, that's fine too!

I love eating the cookies more than I like delivering them!!

Rhonda said...

I love how she is shooting for the Moon!

jenjen said...

Cute pictures Becca! I love this time of year. Bring on the Thin Mints!


Kelli said...

I just bought 3 boxes from a sweet girl scout the other day. They are so adorable. I hope Sissy makes her goal.

Anonymous said...

What a goal! I would totally buy some cookies from her! When I sold them we went around and asked people to buy them.. then we ordered them.. So much work.. but I learned a TON of confidence and hard work!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh there is no way I could turn down a girl scout cookie! Those sweet little girls, working so hard, plus YUMMY cookies! Thin mints are my fav. I wish we lived closer. I'd buy up all the thin mints ;)

Aimee said...

Mmmmm...thin mints! Your post makes me want to go eat the last few in my pantry!

Mu daughter is allergic to peanuts so I won't buy the peanut butter ones. Each year my son uses his own money to buy his own box of peanut butter patties!

Good luck to her...I hope she can sell all those cookies!

Kasey said...

that is a lot of cookies! Holy cow! I love girl scout cookies they are so yummy and tasty and just heavenly. I will eat myself silly on girl scout cookies if Ruthie ever sells them- Scary, but so Yummy!

Go get em' girl- you can do it!!!

Janean said...

uh, i never can say "no" to our little neighborhood girls selling GS cookies....and they knew it!

such a cute post!!!

Vivienne said...

Those ones with the caramel and toasted coconut will be the death of me. With 4 boys and no girls, everyone knows we haven't already bought them from our own kids and I have a giant girl-scout-cookie-target on my ever-enlarging ass.

Seriously, 520 boxes?! Go, girl!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

We are all about the thin mints and the lemon ones at this house. And yes, we've placed 3 separate orders from three diff. GS's at church. *bloat* :0

susan said...

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