Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer 2013 Day 44: Are We Going to Cars Land Today Mom?

A day of rest before heading to Disney was on the plate today, so we spent the morning at a great museum that was recommended to us, the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California.
Our family really loves science museums and this one was fantastic.  We really enjoy a museum that has a ton of hands-on exhibits as it keeps us engaged and learning in a fun way.  This museum had some cool things - like feeling the magnitude of an earthquake in the Shake Shack.  We felt how big the Anchorage, AK earthquake in 1964 was - that was pretty cool as we actually had family members survive that one!
We really enjoyed the Science of Hockey exhibit where we learned that having a puck fly at your face as a goalie is a pretty frightening job.  Neither of the big kids want to play hockey now....
One of our favorite exhibits was the Discovery Market.  You grab an interactive shopping cart and take it around the market while learning how to shop eco-friendly.
After checking into our home for the next few nights,  we relaxed for a few hours and did some laundry (glamorous, I know).  I was thrilled to see this comfy bed, as I know first hand how tired and achy you are after a long day at a Disney Park.
Life of a road tripper - laundry in the hotel.
Lastly, we couldn't hold back any longer and had to pop over to Disney for dinner at Downtown Disney.  We met the McGuires (our great friends and neighbors) for dinner and to plan our next 2 days in the parks!! The excitement is in the air - you can't help but have a big smile on your face as you see all the Disney shops and memorabilia!
Our little guy spotted this right away and asked, "Are we at Cars Land now?  Is this it?" Don't quite know how we will get him to wait until Tuesday to go to California Adventure, where Cars Land is.....
And one last thing we did this evening while at Downtown Disney.  Have y'all heard of Ridemakerz yet??  It was a really cool store to build your own remote control car - think Build A Bear but for boys! And of course we were lulled into making some new cars - but honestly, I haven't seen a bigger smile on my 10 year olds face.  He thought it was the coolest thing.  At that point, I didn't care about the price - it was such a fun experience to see him build his own car.  Fun times at Downtown Disney!

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