Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Holiday Cards? WHAT?!?!?!

You had me a FREE.  What do I have to do?  Blog about one of my favorite things of the holiday season?  Christmas cards!!!!??  Easy-peasy.

or so I thought.

I love making holiday cards.  The hard part is trying to outdo the one from the previous year....each year.  Anyone else struggle with that?  I'll fess up.  Matt hates me when I am taking the kids picture for the Christmas card.  I take a bazillion.  Literally.  But it takes a bazillion to come up with this perfection:

yes, i'm biased. so what?

So I do get a little nervous when that time of year rolls around again.  What setting should I shoot their pictures against?  What should they wear?  Should I go for a classic card or more whimsical?  What is the baby doesn't cooperate????

When I came across this offer from Shutterfly (50 free cards when I post about Shutterfly's awesome cards), I immediately went to their site to see what they had to offer.  Ladies, this isn't your grandma's Shutterfly anymore!!  There is so much to choose from this year!!! Take a look at the cards they have this year. 

Look at these cute, whimsy ones:
Go here to link this one


Go here to link this one

Go here to link this one

And I love the fact that Shutterfly allows you to completely customize the inside, so if you want to write a blub or a dissertation about your family, you now can!  They more I looked at, the easier it became to see exactly what I wanted.  I love that I was able to narrow down a few cards before getting the pictures.  Now, I know what kind of shots of the kids to get for the cards I liked - should make it that much easier to take pictures this year.  ahem...we hope.

The more shopping I did on Shutterfly, the more fun stuff I found.

Ever decide to have a party because you found a cute invite?  Ya, me neither.....
we are so having a cookie party this year...

And they make photo playing cards??  How fun! 
Jan, if you get this for Christmas, act surprised, ok??

They also make incredible calendars for every family member on your list!

And to sweeten the deal even more, Shutterfly is offering a Cyber Deal right now - up to 50% off and free shipping...hurry cause that offer ends Dec 1!!

Go check out Shutterfly's fabulous photo holidays cards NOW!!

So, the card is picked out.  Now I just need the pictures...wish me luck!!

I just want to mention that Shutterfly is not paying me to discuss all of their fab products.  I really like Shutterfly and they did offer me a sweet deal on Chirstmas Cards in exchange for my post.  Who wouldn't jump on a sweet deal like this? Thanks Shutterfly!

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Myya said...

I did this deal too & I saved over $100. $100, that is just crazy talk!!! LOVED your pics of the kids from last year. Sometimes all the stars align & you get that perfect shot (so what if it takes a bazillion to make those stars align LOL) :)

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