Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bubba Likes to Boogie

Anyone out there with a Wii try this game???

It is only the MOST FUN game on the market right now.  At least it is in my families' eyes.  

Sis & I can dance away to fun songs from Elvis to Katy Perry to N-Sync to the Cotton Eye Joe.

That happens to be Sis & Bubba's favorite song...

Bubba Likes to Boogie - Just Dance Wii from Rebecca Darling on Vimeo.

So when given the opportunity to sign up for the House Party Just Dance 2 Wii Party, I jumped on it.  House Party asks for volunteers to host parties featuring products.  They send you product samples and coupons for free/reduced $$ stuff and ask you to host a party to "get the word out".  It is a brilliant form of advertising...who doesn't like hearing about a product from a trusted friend?

In September, we hosted a Star Wars Clone Wars House Party for Bubba & his friends.  We gathered to watch the Season 3 Premiere and he received a fun game for all the boys to play.  Each boy went home with a SWCW goodie bag - instant party.  

So, I was THRILLED to find out last week that I was asked to host the Just Dance 2 Wii House Party.  Sis & I are planning a fun night with friends - we are planning a big Mom versus Girl tournament - the Ultimate Dance Off!  We received the box from House Party yesterday and was very surprised to receive BOTH Just Dance 2 & Just Dance Kids - and I am having a very hard time not opening them up (Sis would be playing it 24/7 and would end up beating all of us!! Oh who am I kidding, I'd be the one up until 2 am playing it!)

If you are looking for a fantastic Christmas present - this is it!  Everyone....even my boys (as seen above) love this game.  Here is is on Amazon.  Game Stop even has a great price. Once again, your welcome.

Happy Dancin'.  Don't blame me when you become addicted to the Cotton Eye Joe!


Xazmin said...

SO cute! I love watching little kids boogie...there is nothing funnier!

That game does look way fun!

Aunt Ginger said...

I can't wait to see that little tush shaking at my wedding!!! Too cute! Give him a kiss for me:)

Charon Benton said...

HOW FUN!! OH MY!! I MIGHT have to try one of those dance things!

Connie W said...

He's doing great! I love watching babies dance!

The house parties sound like fun!

jennykate77 said...

This is actually on MY Christmas list!! I want that game. LOVE the video...Bubba has got some moves! :)

Hope you're having a great week!♥

Lyndsay said...

So cute!! That boy likes to boogie for sure. That game looks like a great workout too, maybe I need one:)

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