Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too Busy to Blog?? Yikes!!

I have found myself too busy...too busy to get laundry done, too busy to read my book, too busy to (**gasp**) blog!!! We have had so many fun people come to visit us in the last week that I haven't sat down to get my daily fix of bloggin' in. Let me share some of the fun we have had this week:
Aunt Ginger came to visit (she brought the kiddos back from Illinois) and was hands-down the absolute B-E-S-T at calming our sweet boy down. She could get him to settle down and snooze in no time flat. What on earth am I going to do this week without her??

take a look at this tiny hiney....

Our dearest friends from the Big D were finally able to get down and meet sweet Ian. Christie from Pop Rocks for Breakfast and I have been BFF's for years- really, I mean inseparable before we up and moved south on them. She has been incredibly supportive with this pregnancy, even throwing me the most incredible baby shower you have ever seen. We were so excited to introduce her, her sweet hubby , and their daughter (who happens to be Morganne's BFF too!!) to Ian. I think ChellBell was smitten. (C- I CAN'T believe I didn't get a picture of you with him!!)

Look at the girls oohing & ahhing over him....

Lastly, because of the coolest invention since the iPhone, we were able to help sing "Happy 1st Birthday" to our adorable niece. Actually, her Mama & Daddy introduced us to it. Have you heard of Skype?? Was I the last person on the planet to be using this?? We love it!! We no longer talk on the phone- we "skype" each other. When the kids were in Illinois, I got to see them almost every day via Skype. When Ian was born, we "skyped" from the hospital to introduce him to all his Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles! And now we can be a part of special events like little Addison's first taste of birthday cake:

Happy Birthday Sweet Addison- a group picture from Virginia to Texas!!

Enjoy that birthday cake!!

Have a wonderful Independence (in case I can't get another post together before then). Celebrate with those you love and be safe!! "See" you all next week!


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Me too! Now that the sun is here, we are having far too much fun outside to be sitting on the computer ;) I just recently heard about skype, so you are not alone :)

Anonymous said...

You have been busy busy!! Don't you just love skype! Have a great 4th!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

We need to use skype more often. Actually, we just need to come to Austin more often! I have lots of pics to send you from the weekend -- need to get my act together. Have a great holiday at the lake with all your family!


Alli said...

Great pics! Wow, Morganne is T-A-N!! I love Ian scrunched up on your Aunt's shoulder area. I loved that the best with babies.

Enjoy your 4th!!

jennykate77 said...

Several of my friends use Skype...I've heard that it is WAY cool! I love that you got to sing happy birthday to your little sweet is that?! Do you watch Tori and Dean? They skype on the's too funny.

You're sweet little Ian is so precious. I love the pic of his tiny hiney!!!

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

p.s. Thanks again for my flip flop exchange goodies! I blogged about it today. :)

Miller Racing Family said...

I totally agree about being to busy for anything. I can find so many reasons to be outside I usually neglect all things indoors.
So glad that you have had a lot of great family and friend time. I love that you got to sing Happy Birthday to Addison, how cool.
Speaking of blogging I just tagged you for a fun photo game, I hope you will join in (you know when you have time).
Have a great Thursday!

Julie said...

I hadn't heard of SKYPE either until my college junior daughter was up late the other night laughing and talking in the living room. I went to check on her and she was talking to her 3 college friends. It is so cool!!!
I needed to add on more little thing to the box for your precious little one. So....hopefully it will arrive on your doorstep early next week!!!
Have a wonderful weekend...Julie

Michelle said...

Hi Becca,
Wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for hosting the flip flop exchange, I got my flip flops and Jess was NOT an ax murderer :) I blogged about it today. Also wanted to find out where you got those ADORABLE flip flops you sent to Jenny Kate, I LOVE them, mainly because they are pink but also because they are sparkly. :)

I hope you get your flip flops today or tomorrow, hope you love them! :)

Have a happy fourth of July!

Xazmin said...

Looks like you've been having such a wonderful time!

Love those little baby buns! I hope you guys have a fabulous 4th!

Lins said...

Isn't Skype the greatest!? Oh, and that baby bum? Perfection!

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