Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Magic Key

How much do you love getting mail? Let me rephrase that- how much do you love getting super, fantastic, gifts addressed only to Y.O.U. in the mail??? Right, I mean who wouldn't??
We have a community postbox at the corner of one of our main streets in our subdivision. If you have a box mailed to you, you will find "the magic key" to open a bigger postbox to retrieve the package. My kids love getting the "magic key" & seeing who the package is for. Mostly, it's fun gifts from Grandma Illinois, but this week, Momma got, not one, but TWO packages in the mail. That's right, Momma got the magic key!!
Last week, I was ecstatic to find out that I had won a prize!! You girls give the best give-a-ways in bloggy land and I won one!! Heather at Visions of Sugarplums sent me an adorable garter of my choice. She makes beautiful garters at her Etsy shop, Sugarplum Garters. She stitches in a ribbon of blue for the bride as well. If only I knew a bride I could get one for..... Maybe you do! Take a sec to visit her site! I choose this one:

When I opened up the box and pulled out my new garter, my daughter said, "Oh what a neat headband! Is that for me?" No, definitely not! But I started to think about if I had actually saved my garter from my wedding and I really don't think that I did. So, I think it is pretty cool that I have my own garter now!! Thank you Heather!

And the second magic key, you ask? Well, that was when I received my FLIP FLOPS!!!! If you recall, I hosted a Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange a week or 2 ago. We had 15 ladies participate and the flip flops are pouring in!! Already, my bloggy friends have received theirs and are blogging about it. Take a look at Shawn, Jenny-Kate, and Michelle's posts.
Michelle was my Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange friend and sent me the cutest pair of Betty Boop flip flops. And the softest pedicure socks. And the prettiest picture of Astoria, Oregon. And the niftiest list of fun facts about Astoria, Oregon (did you know it was voted one of the top ten places to retire and is home of the longest continuous truss bridge in North America?). She spoiled me rotten!! Thanks Michelle!!

It has been a great week! Not only did I get the "magic key" but the kids received lots of postcards in the mail for their 50 States Challenge- we have 11 states so far!! They are really having fun with this challenge!! And many of these postcards have come from Bloggy friends like you!!! Thank you!! If you know if any one who lives in another state who would be willing to help up, would you mind passing our info along? Or if you haven't sent us a postcard yet, please help us reach our goal of a postcard from each state by the end of the summer. We are in need for states in the North & South East! You guys are the best!!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!!


Rhonda said...

Hey! I am going tomorrow to get a postcard! I haven't forgot you all! How exciting that they are coming in!

I'm hoping you will do another flip flop exchange too! What a fun idea! Love it!

I hope you all have a happy 4th!

Vivienne said...

Great stuff! Heather's work is so pretty. I love Astoria and have been there many times. I just spoke with a friend who is going to vacation in Maine, she is going to get a postcard from there for me. I'll send it along with my CA ones.

Miller Racing Family said...

What a great flip flop exchange. I totally loved the exchange. I got my flip flops today and I hope to post about them in the morning. I hope the kiddos got our Missouri card, in our small town I couldn't find a postcard for MO so we had to make one. I hope you all enjoy.

Michelle said...

Yay! I am so glad you got your flip flops today and that you liked everything, I wasn't that late after all :) Have a wonderful fourth of July! :)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

This was such a fun exchange -- my flip flops came yesterday, and I can't wait to post about them! Thanks for hosting!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

My flip flops got sent out late because I failed to check my spam folder (which is where your message ended up!) But you've been added to my address book, and the flip flops are on their way...just so you know!

I got mine today and will blog about them soon!

This is such fun, and I'd be happy to send a postcard from NY!

Alli said...

I, too, was so thrilled when I got my package last week. So nice to get something you don't have to share. :) I'll be posting mine this week.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your garter win! And yay for presents! What a great feeling!

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