Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Things to Smile About in January

I have really loved taking a quick minute to reflect back on some of the things that made me smile this past month.  I really am blessed, as every month I have a hard time narrowing it down to only 10 things. But I did and with the help of Instagram, my really fun iPhone app that makes me smile, here they are:

My new Erin Condren iPhone cover - makes me smile every time I pick up my phone!
 My girlie saving up enough money to buy her very own iPad makes e smile every time I see her using it.
 I was completely spoiled for my birthday this year with gifts mailed to me all December.  And then a few trickled in in January and it totally made me smile!!!
 Bubba got a trophy for Best Craftsmanship at his annual Pinewood Derby!  Smile!!
 This little guy started potty training last week. No potty training doesn't make me smile, but the fact that he gets it and is so excited to get a "mnnnnm" does!
 Last weekend, we geocached with my parents - and at one point, we were using an iPhone, an iPad, and a Garmin to find our way.  Smile!
 Sis went to a birthday party at an exotic animals shop.  This adorable hedgehog made me smile.  The 8 foot pregnant boa constrictor did not.
 It's been a sunny-filled month with afternoons to make me smile!
 I recieved this sweet angel in the middle of the month from my hubby's sweet cousin.  I had spoken for her at Matt's Grandmother's Funeral and she sent me this as a reminder that we have an angel up in heaven looking down on us.  smile.
 Lastly, when the Christmas came down, the Love came out.  And my candy jars are full of Valentine's Candy....that I have eaten. I'm NOT smiling about the jar full of candy hearts I have eaten these past 2 weeks, but I am smiling that I pulled this particular one out. See?  Even with the 1200 calories of candy hearts, I'm still hot! 

Happy January!!  One more thing that makes me smile?  Linking this post with THREE fun friends for their memes.  That means hopefully you are visiting from there, will leave me a comment, and come back again soon!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ferris is Back!

I love me a good 80's flick.  It takes me back to carefree fun days where we could watch a movie and think that is exactly how our life is going to turn out.

really. I did.

I was going to have my first kiss over my birthday cake on the center of the dining room table with "my jake".

didn't happen

I was going to lead the final dance of the talent show cause "nobody puts Becca in the corner."

uh. no.

Did I get sent to a Saturday Detention with a totally hot wrestler name Andrew?  Did I win a dance contest on national television?  Did I start a commotion in a small Florida town??

no. no. and no.

But I did try to rhyme everything I said (thank you Princess Bride) and had a slight obsession with everything time travel related (Back to the Future I, II, & III).

And I had a slight obsession with an adorable white leather fringe jacket, wrestling shoes, and everything else related to Ferris Bueller.

Hands down, my favorite 80's movie.  Could quote every line cold, that's how many times I waned it - thank goodness for VCRs, I probably burned through that tape more than once.

So when I saw this Superbowl commercial today, I went NUTS!!!

"Calm yourself woman."

I can't wait to see it on Sunday!!

And yes, I totally thought all days skipping school were like the one Ferris had - too bad I went to high school in rural Nevada - certainly no museums, Cubs games, or parades to sing in there!

P.S. If you know all the movies I referenced up top, you are my long lost twin!!  Tell me what they are!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday DayDreamin': Is Spring Break Here Yet?

Happy Friday!!  I am so excited for Friday Daydreamin'!  I love trolling the internetz with my hot coffee in the morning looking at all your daydreams!! SO hurry - post yours and link up!!

The weather has been sunny most afternoons this week here in Texas which has me longing for Spring (yes, I know it is only January 27th!).  So, I am daydreamin' about our Spring Break plans already.  We are probably not traveling this Spring, but I want to create some fun for the kiddos, so I am looking for fun outdoor (and inexpensive) things to do over the holiday.
The Spring Break before Bubba came, we planned a day trip every day and had so much fun doing it.  One day, we took a tour of the Texas State Capitol and had a great time.  The building is BEAUTIFUL - made of Texas red granite - and has a wonderful museum to hear all about the history.  The kids really enjoyed walking around the inside to see how HUGE it is.  At the time, they were a bit too young to grasp the relevancy of it all, but it was a wonderful day none-the-less. 

My hope is to plan another fun-filled Spring Break this year!!

What are you Daydreamin' about?  Go link up with R We There Yet Mom? now!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kairos Time

I just finished 2 hours of science-project-hell.  I call it hell because that's what it is.  As much as I try to let my darling daughter do it all herself, momma bear kicks in to "advise" her.  Maybe we should put a border on each title?  Now how would you be able to explain that to a judge? NO! It's not pronounced nora-friend!! It's norepinephrine!!!

And now it's done, and Sis is proud and I'm a bundle of nerves after trying to not be that parent that controls the entire project.  Ugh.  I hate that part of my personality.  

And it reminds me of the Huffington Post article by Glennon Melton that circulated the Facebook this past week.  You know, the one about why Carpe Diem is a load of crap to a parent...until the kids have grown up.  If you haven't read it - please do - It really is fantastic.  I'll wait here for you.  

Back, already?

When I read it, I nodded my head, saying, she's right - remember and cherish all the wonderful memories you have of parenting.  Don't sweat the spilled milk, having to discipline your son repeatedly for his bus behavior, or getting frustrated over your 2 year old's meltdowns at HEB.  I need to apply this everyday.  Here is what she wrote that struck a chord in me:

There are two different types of time. Chronos time is what we live in. It's regular time, it's one minute at a time, it's staring down the clock till bedtime time, it's ten excruciating minutes in the Target line time, it's four screaming minutes in time out time, it's two hours till daddy gets home time. Chronos is the hard, slow passing time we parents often live in.
Then there's Kairos time. Kairos is God's time. It's time outside of time. It's metaphysical time. It's those magical moments in which time stands still. I have a few of those moments each day. And I cherish them.
There are days in my life that are filled with Chronos time.  Those are the days that I stare at the clock, willing it to be one for Bubba's nap. When will Matt get home?  How many more days until Book/Wine club??  And I always lay in bed at night after days like these regretting everything I said - why did I waste my day with negative energy - am I fit to be at home all day with Bubba?
The only way I can chase out those "bad-mommy" feelings is to think of my Kairos time.  And I can think of a ton of those.  It's the sweet smell of all my babies' hair.  It's the belly-laughs at the dinner table over Brody's jokes.  It's the never-ending summer days at the beach, reading chapter books in bed,  selling girl scout cookies with Sis, playing Wii together as a family, beaming crazy with pride over a soccer goal.  Those are the moments I will remember when I am old and look back on my parenting years.  
It's Kairos time I need to remember when I begin to sink in that Science-project-hell again - the one-on-one time I get with my daughter, the exclamation of surprise when she tells me, "That's really cool- I never knew that it could be interesting!"  And the pride she has over a job well done.  
The past few weeks, I have been taking the time to really play with Bubba.  No, not I'll check Twitter while you play Thomas -play, but getting down and building a track for him, climbing in tunnels with him, chasing him around the back yard.  You know, Kairos time.  It has really been special for him and I .  (I know this is nothing new for all you fantastical-Moms out there - but I have to physically turn the social media off to truly concentrate 100% on him.)  
Rather than remember the frustration of the past 2 hours, I am going to remember all the fun we had earlier today geo-caching and eating burgers with my mom & dad.  
Wow - looky there, more Kairos time.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Movie, some Winners, and a TON of Thanks!!

Hi guys.

So Sorry for the delays this week on the fun fun fun movie and the equally fun announcement of the gift card winners.

What happened, you ask?

Life.  It gets in the way all the time.


A Movie!!
Thank you Thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of my  heart for always supporting my crazy movie ideas.  I asked for vacation pictures and you guys came through!!  I have never seen so many smiles and fun and cool places all put together.  So, here is my little homage to all the fun everyone had traveling in 2011:

Some Winners!!
Again, thank you for your support in R We There Yet Mom and Darling Memories.  I gained so many new fans and followers thanks to all your tweets and posts for me!!  So in appreciation of all that you have done to help get the word out, I am giving away 5 Gift Cards to your choice (Target, Starbucks, or Sonic)- one per winner.

Out of 133 entries, the 5 winners are (thanks to handy dandy random.org):
Yadra Wyatt (112)
Carl Franzon (119)
Rebecca Kelly (128)
MiMi from Living in France (28)

Winners, please email me at darling729@mac.com with your address and what gift card you would like.

Thank you again friends for all of your support!  Please continue to visit R We There Yet Mom, submit your vacation stories, add your pictures on Friday Daydreamin', etc.

And if ever you have an occasion that a Photo DVD movie would be perfect for (think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, reunions, etc.), I would be honored to make one for you over at Darling Memories!

Monday, January 16, 2012

She Got What?!?

 My girl wanted an iPad.  Started telling us back in October that she was going to ask Santa for one.  Her Daddy and I laughed at that one.
 Determined, she sat down and wrote down every way she could earn enough money to buy her own iPad.  She thought of everything from starting her own Dog walking business to selling all her old DSi games.  And she did - she asked our neighbors to walk their dogs and they let her....and paid her.  She sold all her old games to Game Stop.  Sold all her American Girl Doll furniture on our local Yahoo group.  She started watching the baby for me (I was still home).  And she asked everyone to give her $$ for Christmas.
 He Daddy & I tried for weeks to talk her into buying a Kindle Fire.  It does everything she wanted.  But NOOOOOOOOO - it's not an "Apple" product.  Man, she listened well when I was convincing Matt to let me buy a PowerBook last summer.
 And we had a slight hiccup when "Santa" told her that he would get one.  She recovered well once she saw that didn't happen.
 Finally, thanks to the generosity of our neighbors and relatives, Miss Sis had enough money to buy her beloved iPad.  Last Tuesday, we took a little trip to the Apple Store.
 She walked right in, confident as can be (where does she get that from?), and told the first Apple Kid she saw that she would like to buy a "white 16 gig iPad please."
 Miguel worked with her for over half a hour setting her up.  He showed her cool apps to download and short cuts to run certain programs.
 Even Bubba was pretty patient with the whole experience.  It was as if he knew this was going to be something fun to play with....
 Is it glued to her side at all times?  Yes - though it is downstairs at us at night (we aren't that stupid).  She has face-timed with Grandma, texted all her friends, watched Once Upon a Time (cute show) on ABC, read a book,  emailed me a few silly jokes, and played Pet Hotel.  On Saturday I received no less than 20 texts from her while I was out shopping.
 Do I think that is a wise investment for her to have made???
Absolutely. The joy on her face and the confidence in her heart that she can tackle any goal she sets her mind to is absolutely worth every penny.

Joining up for TTUT with Shawn & Impulsive.  Go link up and talk about anything you want!!

Seriously Shawn

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Daydreamin': Is it Summer Yet??

Happy Friday!!  I am so excited the Friday Daydreamin' is back!  I love trolling the internetz with my hot coffee in the morning looking at all your daydreams!! SO hurry - post yours and link up!!

Today, it is cold. So I am daydreamin' about someplace warm.  Anyplace warm.  Like here:

Yep.  I love the beach and we are just starting to talk about making it an annual trip and going again.  Hopefully, this year, Bubba won't be so frightened of the water and irritated by the sand and wanting to drink a gajillion juice boxes all day..... despite all this, it was incredibly relaxing and WARM.  

Link up your favorite vacation picture over at R We There Yet Mom?.  What are you waiting for?  Start Daydreamin'!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shameless Plug?? Nah!! Just Promoting Myself!

Hi friends.  Did you all know I was in sales?  And no matter how I try to quiet that saleswoman inside me with dinner menus, homework, laundry, and countless repeats of Twinkle, Twinkle, it simply won't disappear.

Which is why I juggle and can't stop.

Seriously. I can't.

Currently, I have a few balls in the air.........

I am a momma of three. (that carries a dozen balls in itself).

I am the PTA President of my children's school.

I started a DVD Photo Slideshow business called Darling Memories 2 years ago.  I make awesome movies out of your pictures for all events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, vacations, etc.

I created a Family Travel blog called R We There Yet Mom? that features travel stories and travel tips submitted by family travel experts....you.

And I am a Thirty-One Consultant.  Thirty-One has awesome totes, purses, and organizational ideas that are adorable.  I just saw our spring catalog this past weekend and it's so CUTE.  Never heard of Thirty-One?  Take a moment and look......

So, am I looking for a pat on the back?  A "how do you do it?? You are awesome!"

Sounds like it huh??


I am renewing my energy into these endeavors in a effort to make them successful (and provide a little income for our family.) and would LOVE your help.  I simply can't sit still.  I get a great deal of enjoyment working on and promoting the various brands I have created.

Shameless promotion?  You may think so, but I see it as a fun lady (me) sharing all these unique and great ideas with her girlfriends (you).  I mean, if you found the recipe for an amazing chocolate cake or a great deal on shoes, you wouldn't hesitate to share it, right?

So, I would love to share my stuff with you.......

Darling Memories
As I mentioned, I create DVD movies out of your photos.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE making fun memories out of photos and have really enjoyed helping create them for the past few years.  You can find out more by visiting my website at www.darlingmemoriesdvd.com and by liking our Darling Memories Facebook Fan page.

R We There Yet Mom?
This past summer, I created a family travel blog to highlight one of the things I enjoy most....family travel.  It features family travel stories and tips from my readers.  I really enjoy sharing other families travel with everyone and am always looking for YOUR travel stories.  If you have posted a great travel story in the past or want to share a fun adventure from your area (think museums, state parks, etc.), please let me know!  We are always looking for new content.

I also host a Friday meme called "Friday Daydreamin'" where you post a picture of a place you are daydreaming about - a past vacation, a dream vacation, the best cup of coffee you ever had, a local spot you love to go to with the kids - tell us a little about it and link up.  It is the easiest post you can do on a Friday!!  And so fun to see all the different locations everyone daydreams about!

You can check out this amazing website by clicking www.rwethereyetmom.com.  Go ahead a bookmark it and visit often.  Or even easier, like our Facebook fan page to see when new content is added and visit when you see something you like - I promise NOT to fill up your facebook wall!!

Why should you do any of this?
You don't have to.  I'm not twisting your arm. But as any good salesman would try........  I would love to have your support of either of my businesses.  As a stay at home mom, these 2 ventures allow me to not only make a little supplemental income, but keeps my mind busy.  Don't get me wrong...I love being home with my kids AND working on, writing, and promoting my 2 businesses.  Keeps me incredibly happy.  And your support of them keep me happy.

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Interested?  How can YOU win? 

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Anyone Up for a Race?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

2 years ago I decided to make a change in my health.  I ate better. I picked up running.  And I used a social networking tool to help keep me accountable.  And it worked......and has worked to this day.

Think about it.  We use popular social network tools for keeping up with friends, sharing good news, and even finding dinner recipes, why not use it to keep in shape too??

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January is the month to do it - the month where we all have the motivation to get fit, so why not use a tool that helps keep you accountable to it?  

If I could design a challenge, it would be one with all my bloggy besties - a workout challenge between all of us.  Who can walk the furthest?? Wouldn't it be fun to all challenge ourselves?  We have the perfect medium through our blogs to keep each other accountable!  And I know there are some motivated people out there!!

How long do you think it could take us to Race to the Moon?? Who's in??

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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Christmas Favorites

Christmas.  Let's wrap it up.  

There are so many things I love about Christmas.....
 Like, collaborations between siblings over how to decorate the gingerbread house...there may have been a fight or two broken out on how to do it which may have led this momma to say Never Again!!!  But, we will see next year....
 Fun keepsake projects to look at each Christmas.....
Adorable Christmas Programs.......
 A fun Elf that tricked the kids each & every morning!
 Fun Fun Fun outings with friends, like this neighborhood hay ride to look at lights.....
And Fun Fun Fun parties with friends, like Sissy's PJ Exchange......
The fact that Bubba LOVED "Ho, Ho, Ho!" this year..... Seriously, went to our Christmas Eve Santa THREE separate times while he visited with us!
 Christmas Eve Pics by the tree.....

 Catching that moment of surprise Christmas Morning.....
 And FULL smiles from the 9 year old over something he REALLY wanted!
Love those "excited over a fun surprise gift" expressions too....
But really, I love the quiet moments of concentration over what fun we are having.....
This family of five had a wonderful Christmas full of LOTS of favorites!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

North Pole Flyer

Just a few more Christmas Activity posts I need to get in...bear with me..... :))

It was the week before Christmas......
And all through the house these kiddos were stirring to get out.....
And take a train ride to the North Pole (ok the poem thing didn't quite last)!
We had our own private car with 30 of our friends (really our own car! It rocked!)!!
The Baby was excited to go on a train ride at night, all dressed in his PJs waiting to meet Santa....
Brody hung out with the girls, hanging his head out the window (note the sign on the wall he clearly did not obey).
These besties had fun in their own private room they discovered - the room was for the dads to play poker in but the kiddos took it over quickly!
The Conductor punched all the kids tickets for the 2 hour excursion.
So many fun activities were planned - storytime with cookies & cocoa.
Santa sat and visited with all the kids for a long time.
This was the year of Santa for Bubba - he just LOVED "Ho,Ho,Ho".
As did the girlies!

All the moms got a quick pic with Santa too!

Mrs. Claus came by with homemade sugar cookies from the North Pole!
So the Dads had to get one with her too!

We have taken Christmas train rides before, but this was by far the best one we have been on.  Obviously, with our own car, it's like we had our own party on wheels - it was relaxed, the kids had a wonderful time, so the adults could visit and enjoy themselves too.  It was nice that it lasted for 2 hours - it was never rushed and we enjoyed all the fun that came with the ride.

It was the perfect evening for family fun!

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