Thursday, August 27, 2009

They are Back!

Whew! Another fun summer is gone!! And we have done so many fun things, I just can't beleive it has already flown by! I am happy they are back to school, as it means a return to routine for all of us around here. Call me crazy, but I don't mind getting up to get the family started on their day. It makes me so much more productive than I was during the summer where we would stay in our pjs til noon!
We always have some fun traditions before school starts. In our school, our teachers come to each student's home to meet them the week before school starts. It is the kids way of finding out who each of them have. I would like to say that my kids were sitting by the window waiting to see who drove up, but it was me who kept peeking out the shades!! We were so excited to meet our teacher that I forgot to take pics...sorry!!
The Friday night before we go back to school, we like to host a neighborhood Ice Cream Social for everyone on our street. This was our second year and we had a great turn out. The kids love playing together in our cul-de-sac and the parents like to catch up from the summer!

Tuesday was the first day of school and we were up and at 'em early!! I always get shots of them waking up. The first few years were fun- they would leap out of bed with a smile on their faces....not this year. Ooh, this is going to get harder each year, isn't it?

And we got our fun "First Day of School" pictures in as well!

Lastly, I hosted a Mom's Back to School Brunch for the mom's at the bus stop that I have gotten to know this past year. Honestly, it was an excuse to try a recipe I watched them make on the food network, Banana-stuffed French Toast. Which turned out wonderful, and I again have no pictures of. Shame on me. We had a great time, toasting the quietness of our homes again!!

I hope everyone's Back to School went as smoothly as it did in our home! Have a wonderful first week of school!

You like me, you really like me!!

I jumped into blogging a few years ago as a means to keep my out-of-state family up on what was happening in the "Texas Darlings" lives. That was the self-imposed nickname we gave ourselves. You get it? We live in Texas...ha ha. Anyways, the more I visited other blogs, the more I blogged, the more I got addicted....I mean, caught up in all the fun of blogging.
Now a day doesn't go by that I am not "visiting" a few of my new bloggy friends. I have said this before, that even though we have not met in person, I feel a connection and real friendship with you all. I have learned great advice, found fun ideas, and had many of you in my thoughts and prayers. I have really enjoyed these unique friendships I have made through blogging.
And when I am gifted an award, I am humbled and flattered that you think my silly little blog is worthy of your attention. Thank you.
I have been bad about keeping up with them and passing them along. So I'd like to take a minute to recognize them and the sweet friends who gifted them to me!

My sweet friend, Shawn from Seriously, gifted me with the "Best Blog Award". Shawn is the momma of 2 beautiful girls and 15 dogs (ok, like 4ish?). She lives in sunny Florida in a gorgeous home and does really fun things with her girls...Jonas Brothers anyone? My hubby is in love with her dogs (German Shepards), so I avoid reading her posts with her pups in it around hubby!! She just turned a fun 30ish (!!) and is hosting a swap in honor of her birthday! I can't wait to participate. Thanks Shawn for the fun award!

Kelli, from Outside My Kitchen Window, gifted me with the "Uplifting Blogger" Award. This award truely defines kelli, who always has positive things to say on her blog and is always praising God for her blessings. She leaves the most ''uplifting" and sweet comments too!! Thanks Kelli!

Heather from Visions of Sugarplums awarded me 2 (I know..TWO!) awards....The "Love Ya" Award and "Your Blog is Fabulous" Award. WOW! Heather lives in the Northwest (jealous!) has her own business creating garters for new brides. If you know of anyone getting married soon, she makes really neat stuff!! Thanks for the awards Heather!

As if you weren't sick of hearing about all my awards yet.... one more!!

My friend in the state north of us, Jenny-Kate from Jenny-Kate's Spot gifted me the "Honest Scrap" award. Jenny-Kate is a fun-loving, hilarious writer and is obsessed with all things Twilight!! SHe has a fun life that I get to follow on facebook too! She has a little challenge with her award- to list 10 honest things about ourselves:

1. I am a procrastinator. I get the job done (and I do a good job with it), but I typically wait until the last minute to do it.
2. I really like staying home with the kids, but I really miss working- I am pretty torn about what to do.
3. I have big feet- always have.
4. I would like to find a better use of my talents for God's glory, but I am a procrastinator (see Number 1)!
5. I need to take better care of myself, as my family has a strong history of heart disease.
6. My favorite scent right now is my sweet baby's head. Aww, so sweet!
7. I love giving presentations, speeches, etc. Crazy huh?
8. I like to throw parties- from big birthday affairs to small dinners with friends.
9. I secretly wish to own my own company (but see number 1 again).
10. I love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me though all the awards. I have been so bad about posting them when I got them, so I apologize for dumping them all in one post. Instead of gifting each one individually, I would like to gift them to all of you!! I know that alot of these have been around, so if you see one you don't have yet, PLEASE grab it and know that it is a gift from me!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Summer in Pictures

The last day of summer....gone in a blink of an eye! I love the fact that we start school on Tuesday, so we get the Monday to rest up and prepare for the First Day. We rented a few favorite movies (the kids, not mine) from Netflix and Sissy and I made our annual Summer scrapbook. (I say "annual", when this is really just our second year doing it.)
Going through all the summer photos and reminiscing on all the fun we had got me all sentimental for the summer of 09 that seemed to fly by. This was my first summer home as mom. I won't lie and say it was blissful being home with my 3. It had it's moments. But we did enjoy the lazy days of summer. We didn't travel to any exotic summer vacation spots, but we did have a great deal of fun at home! So here is my tribute to our summer.

Our Top 10 favorite snapshots of summer:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

3 Months..or 90 days

Bubba Boy is 3 months old already. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday, I was miserably pregnant and ready to have him. And poof, all of a sudden he is 3 months old! See him pointing to his 3 Month sign? I told you he was a genius......

He sure has been a source of delight in our house. He is such a happy baby. Already cooing and giggling. He smiles at every new face he sees. His Daddy is his favorite, as he can make him laugh and giggle just at the sight of his hero.

He loves to blow bubbles. I have never seen a baby this young drool so much.....

Couldn't you just eat these tootsies up??? He loves to kick under his activity gym. Jack thinks he looks like he is riding a bike. Ian finds it particularly funny to kick in the bath tub and get everyone wet!

He has a firm grasp of anything he holds onto. Such tiny fingers. I can't take enough pictures of them, 'cause I know they won't be this tiny for long.

Bubba has a serious side too. We think he looks just like a little old man....a cute one, of course...when ever he is thinking. He wrinkles up his forehead and furrows his brow when he hears a noise he doesn't recognize or sees a sight that is new.

Last weekend, he turned over. No one was there to actually see it, so we are waiting to see it happen again. But he was on his tummy when I laid him down for a nap and on his back when he woke up.'d that happen??? I guess we have to wait to see.

Oh Bubba, we love you so much! We thank God for bringing you into our lives. Happy 3 months old sweet boy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They Got them All!!

One more thing we accomplished this summer- we learned the 10 Commandments. I found this great DVD set, K10C, that illustrated each of the commandments in a very kid friendly way. It had a great activity book that followed along with it. I know, I know...teaching my kids about adultery and murder?? Awk!

Commandment Number 6: Do Not Murder..the example was a thief who killed a donkey. Thank goodness it was simple and the kids understood it.
Commandment Number 7: Be Faithful in Marriage....dealt with a woman who wanted to sing with a man who was not her husband. Ok...good example. Kids got it and had no questions. whew.
What I liked best about learning these, is we can use the rules in our house as "God's Rules". We obey Mommy & Daddy as a way to honor your Mother & Father. And we do not tell white lies because which of God's commandments wants us not to? And why is it better to say "Oh my goodness?" It has really been working well. Well, most of the time. My kids aren't angels.
So here are my kiddos, 6 weeks later and they still remember them all. I guess they really do absorb what we teach them. Most of the time...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where did my summer go?

I can not believe that summer is over here in Texas. In less than 6 days, my 2 oldest head back to school. It seemed like only yesterday that we were celebrating the last day of school with this:

I started out with so many grand accomplishments for the kids like journal writing each day and quiet reading each afternoon. But something, or rather, someone got in the way..... Ian joined our family at the end of May and we haven't looked back. Who cares if we had a little less sleep this summer??

So what did we do this summer?

We collected a few postcards....update on that coming soon! We are almost there!!!
We attended a few camps in 100 degree heat.....

But we always got to cool down in one way or another!

We attended our very first sleep-away camp!
And jazzed-up some skateboards in Art Camp while Brody was learning to play golf...
The most important thing that happened to us this summer..... Bonding with our newest Darling. He has been the sweetest little guy. Totally a third child. Goes along with the crazy daily life we live around here. He trudged along to all the camps and activities we had planned. Stayed up at the lake house many times this summer (can't wait for him to be old enough to go out on the boat!). And fit into the groove of our busy but totally fun lifestyle!

And now the last week of summer is here. And of course we have big plans to celebrate it! Gattiland, bowling, swimming at the YMCA (waterslides!), the Ringling Bros Circus, Wicked, and movie day all before we head back to school next Tuesday! Whew! Summer is going out with a bang here in Texas!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great, yet another reason to think Dad's cooler....

Both my kids have a new bug. Another reason to idolize Dad. Another expensive sport. A new hobby to leave Momma at home...(hey, that's not a bad idea....). Let me spell it out for you.... G.O.L.F.
For years, Matt tried to get me to ply this snoozer of a sport with him. Let me tell ya, I was horrible. Losing-balls-all-over-the-place and when-are-we-through horrible. I think I had a few lessons and actually made it through 9 holes once before giving up. I mean who wants to give up 5 hours on a Saturday to chase a little white ball around?? Apparently, my kids now do.
Brody attended Golf Camp last week. For years he has told us that his favorite sport is golf. Now, the kid has never played it in his life, but he knew his Daddy loved the sport, so that was going to be his favorite sport too. So when we offered the camp to him, he jumped on it. He really enjoyed learning to putt, chip, and drive those insane little balls. And on Friday, he and Matt participated in a scramble.
And you know I was right there, armed with the camera to catch all those adorable father/son shots. Picture the crazy momma with the baby on my chest in the Baby Bjorn (what would I do without this thing?), driving around a really nice golf course in one of those fun golf carts. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but the instructors said they wanted the scramble to be a "family event". Huh, they didn't know what they were allowing me to do...

Look at my little guy at the driving range with his Daddy. Love it.

And here's Daddy helping him with his swing. Love it some more.
Aw, aren't they just 2 peas in a pod?
Brody was really excited for Matt to hit it in the sand trap. That meant he got to "rake" the sand. Yipee.
Attempting to putt. Not bad for your first try buddy.
Quite honestly, he was most excited to ride in the cart "thingy". Shhh...don't tell Matt.
And Sissy and I just loved the deer that were all over the course. Yes, 102 degrees out and we have deer!

It was hot, and Bubba wasn't enjoying it, so we headed back home while Sissy (who suddenly now wants to go to golf camp too) stayed behind with Dad and Jack. 3 holes in and Jack swung his putter around and hit his head. Don't ask me how. This could only happen to my sweet boy. He cut it pretty bad, so Dad called it quits to assess the situation.

So let me get this straight, We paid for Brody to ride in a golf "thingy", rake some grass, and cut his head open? Sounds like a blast Daddy. Have fun with these two on the course!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Genius at 12 weeks!

This one may be for the Grandmas and bare with us....

Tonight we noticed our genius 12 week old reaching for this....

Am I biased?? Probably. We think he's brilliant.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little sun..nah..a lotta sun!!

Down here in Texas, we take our heat seriously. As in over 100 degrees seriously. Try over 100, fifty days in a row hot!! Whew!! Honestly, when it is this hot, there are only 2 things you can do to cool down. Number One- STAY INDOORS. And Number Two..find some chilly water to cool off in.
And so that is exactly what we did this past Sunday. We found a pool (check) with semi-chilly water (check) and good fun with the family (check). We even put little Bubba in the pool for his first dip. Now his swim time was about 3 minutes long- but you have to check out his adorable swim hat and baggy swim trunks. This boy is stylin'!

Nothing like a "Max Liquidator" to cool you off

So know that if you ever decided to visit Texas in the HOT HOT HOT summer, we still can get out and have fun!!

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