Monday, May 6, 2013

Ian Matthew - Life of the Party

Every day I thank God he brought our third child into our lives.  He honestly makes our family complete.  He is at that adorable almost 4 stage where he says & does the funniest things.
 Over the past few weeks, he is obsessed with costumes.  He has a big box in his closet that is filled with various costumes and bits from our past Halloweens.  There is not a day that goes by that he isn't in that box pulling something out.  It could be a hat or a cape or a full costume that he comes bounding down the stairs in.
 And it's not as if he "becomes" that character.  He just wears it.  One day I asked him who he was when wearing the Mr. Incredibles costume and he said Batman. Once he took it off, he ran to me to tell me he was "Ian" again.  Good, I missed him!!
 He is a very particular kid too, always making it clear to tell us exactly what he wants.  And if he doesn't get it, we hear about it.........

Like the toothbrush from the dentist.  It's Cars - YAY!!  But when he discovered it was "Sally" and not "Lightening" he was most upset.  "Mom - they gave me Sally!!!  Morganne can have it."
 He's always wanting to try everything his Sister and Brother are doing.  But sometimes he realizes, maybe he's not quite ready for the Spring swing.
 Ian really loves to play with his friends and his siblings, but he LOVES these boys - Woo-is and Cal - ummm are his "best friends" and these adorable boys love giving Ian attention.  The sad thing is, their older sister is his babysitter who he used to adore - not anymore - Faye is forgotten when the boys are around.
He has the best appetite out of all three of my kids - was a terrific eater as a baby - would try anything. He still is pretty good - His favorite food is a full Chick-fil-A sandwich - forget the kid's meal - he wants the adult one - he's not cheap!
But this boy has attitude and is not afraid to show it.  Wonder where he gets that from??  At our last soccer tournament, we had one last game to get to and he refused to get out of the truck.  And when we pulled him out of the truck, he ran to the handle clinging to it.  He's a head-strong one.....
 Does that snarl come with those boots???

Right now, if Ian doesn't like you, you are "on fire".  I guess he thinks it's a term we use from the Fall Out Boys song - "Light it Up, I'm on Fire" - he goes around singing it and telling us the Morganne & Jack are "on fire".
 We have such a great time with him.

Just this week he had a conversation with his carpool buddy Ty on the drive home about Dads:

Ian: "I have a Matt. He's pretty good."
Ty: "Yeah, I have a Michael.  I like him."

As if you can pick your daddies out of a catalog.
 And seeing his wonder and excitement over the little things make it so special -
Look Mom! A Wady-bug!!!
Ugh, I could talk about him and all the cute things he does all day long.  Really, I just want to bottle him up and keep him this cute forever.  Too soon they grow up and snarl at you when you ask them to do something (ahem, older two....).  For now, I'll just try to do my best to record these adorable conversations & moments here to remember them forever.

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