Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WWTKW - 2 weeks of school left!!!

Hello friends - the countdown is on here in Texas - 2 weeks and 3 days of school left and they couldn't go any faster.  I am so looking forward to school being out - I have so much fun with my kiddos home in the summer.   We have tons of fun planned this summer!!  Bubba & I can't wait.

But, to get me through another Wednesday, it's time to play......


Nothing to post about today?  Link up with Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi, & Seriously Shawn for another great week of questions.  Here we go!

{1} What game show have you always thought you could be on and totally win?
I love,love,love the Amazing Race - it is a reality show/game that qualifies - I seriously have dreams about making it on this show - hubby & I love to travel and we'd make an AWESOME bickering, yet loving couple for the show- seriously, if I could find someone to pay hubby's salary and watch our kiddos for a month, we'd totally go for it.  Any takers?

{2} Do you have a tattoo(s)?  What are they and what made you choose them?  If not, would you get one, yes/no/why?
No tats.
Won't get one.
Don't like them - for me personally.  (for all my friends out there with tats - don't take this personally, I just don't want one for me)
Hubs has 5 and they don't bother me at all - I just don't want one. K?

{3} What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
That is a tie between my Tag Heuer watch & a diamond necklace hubby gave me when I turned 30.  Both are incredibly sentimental to me - When I started in Corporate America, many of my co-workers had Tags and getting one for me was a sign that I was successful - not just in business, but life - I love it and wear it daily.  The necklace was a gift at my 30 birthday party (many, many years ago) from my husband - 3 simple diamonds on a platinum strand - Matt presented it to me with a sweet, loving speech that brought tears to my eyes.  I think about that moment every time I put it on.

{4} What is your driving pet peeve?
Texas has crappy drivers.  No - not "texas".  DFW has crappy drivers - if you dare put your blinker on to change lanes, the person in the lane you want to go to speeds up and doesn't let you over.  Seriously.  It's like some unwritten rule up there.  So, you just don't use your blinker and swerve over - sounds safe, right?

{5} What was your favorite sitcom growing up that you wish was still on?
I loved TV growing up - so much that my parents used to make me pick 5 hours that I could watch a week.  Man, that was hard and that was before we had 250 channels and dvrs!!  Between Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, Family Ties, & The Cosby Show, my hours were eaten up FAST.

The sitcom that sticks out to me the most was Different Strokes.  What you talkin 'bout Willis? OHHHH My Dad HATED this show - he felt it taught me how to back talk (couldn't have been cause I was a pre-teen huh?) One time, in an attempt to get me to stop watching DS, he made me write a 500 word essay on why I thought watching Different Strokes was good.  I did it, and he let me watch it - many what I wouldn't give to have a copy of that bs essay!!

I watched an old episode a few years back and that show was terrible.  So, I don't wish it was still on.

Ok- enough avoiding cleaning house - my parents are coming this weekend to stay with the baby while Matt has soccer tournaments and Sis & I go to Girl Scout Camp - I have to stay in a cabin with 6 pre-teen girls -- pray for me!


Brenna said...

Awe- I did the girl scout camp two summers ago...with 4 six year olds! It was the longest weekend of my life:) lol
Good luck

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool you wrote an essay in order to watch something. Nice!

Charon Benton said...

have fun at camp!!!

Connie said...

I loved DS! It was a great show as long as you didn't know what was going on behind the scenes!

Have a great weekend at camp. I'll pray for you!

dddiva said...

I have always, always loved when the girls were out on break (when I wasn't home schooling) I never quite get people who say they don't care for it. Helps, I guess that in my family the moms and kids are best friends (it goes back for generations).

How clever of your dad re the essay- of course I'm sure you didn't think so at the time, but that's pretty funny.

Kelli said...

Is it sad that I love that your dad had you write an essay and that you still got to watch it because of that!? I loved that show too, but my favorite was the Cosby Show. I'd love a tattoo of a dolphin, but probably won't get it, but I plan on getting a cross soon.

Amber said...

I'd LOVE to read your DS essay, haha

It is a pretty terrible show though!

VandyJ said...

Years ago Nick and I took a trip to Texas to see friends in San Antonio. I have to agree with you, Texas drivers are the worst. We were cut off on the highway so often we were surprised when some one didn't try to cut us off when passing.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Have fun at GS camp! :) And yay for countdown to summer!! We can't wait either. Love that your dad made you write an essay so that you could continue watching that show, hilarious!

Impulsive Addict said...

I've never really watched Amazing Race. It must be on at a time when I watch something else but I hear it's a super fun show!

We'll get you buzzed when we come down there and tat you up. You'll love what we pick out!

I've never heard of Tag Heuer. Does that make me a loser?

Easy on the DFW traffic. That's still my favorite place. I bet Austin is JUST AS BAD!

What? Your dad made you write an essay? That's hilarious! I bet it's still floating around somewhere.

Becca said...

As much as people talk about Different Strokes, I have never seen an episode ... it sounds funny though!

MiMi said...

UGH! Freeway traffic in Oregon is the SAME way! I flip so many birds. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it!!
I'm gonna have to google the Tag watch. I've heard of it but never seen one I don't think.
I love all those old shows! And now when I see an old episode? They were dumb. LOL

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh my. I will definitely pray for you. :)
What a sweet story about the necklace. aww!

Johanson Family said...

that is too funny you had to write an essay! My dad video taped me complaining about my ridiculous curfew as a kid and recorded me saying I wouldn't give my kids curfews and how awesome of a mom I'd be and thankfully he can't locate it right now but his plan is to show it to my kids when they are of age to see what I said back then.. I am sure now with my kids, I will have a different tune much like that of you seeing a DS show now.. hah! Yes, DFW drivers suck.

Shawn said...

Ket me start my comment by saying



I've only seen amazing Race once and although I think I have an amazing marriage if we were to ever be on that show I fear I would be having a certain tattoo removed from my ring finger! We now our limitations and that is well out of them!

I was the same way about tattoos until I got my first one 2+ years ago. Now I fear they're like potato chips....

There is nothing better, as far as I'm concerned, than a few nice, classic pieces of jewelry. A great watch, classic necklace and earrings are all I need.

Florida has "Snow-Birds" 'nough said!

All of those shows have produced such messed up adults. What is wrong with child stars? Why can't they see all of the advantages they have been given and not mess up their lives?!!?

Mom said...

I think I know where that essay is. It's filed along with the 10 reasons boy's should pick you up at the door. And then there is the 10 commandments of driving.

Jen said...

Oooh, good luck this weekend!!! Evie has a sleepover with the girl scouts, but at a troop mom's HOUSE - God bless them :)

I'm with you on that tat thing. Just not for me, can't picture myself old and wrinkly with old ink on me - age spots will be bad enough :)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Have a great time at camp! (cringe...) at least it's a cabin and not a tent.

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