Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monthly Vlog ~ May

It's that time!!! The Monthly Vlog - y'all I have to admit....I am having WAY too much fun making these!  (Although now that we have a time limit, I had a very hard time getting all the questions answered in the alloted time....I digress)


We had some fun questions to answer this month.  Check it out.....

and please, no comments from the peanut gallery about the great face I'm "paused" on!


Impulsive Addict said...

JK will cut you in Austin. Just a warning. Sleep with your eyes open.

I love me some Peeta too! Can't WAIT for the movie! ;)

Ok...so you must be wearing contacts? Is that "what's different"?

I would totally have to clean out my purse before showing the bloggy world. I bet it's a MESS!

Connie said...

I like Becca. You are a good Becca.

MAC's are just so easy to work with!

I need some new lipgloss!

Great Vlog!

Shawn said...

I have not clicked play yet because I had to get the comment box up and ready.

Why does Ia want to cut you? Why do you need to sleep with your eyes open? I'm thinking that I may need to rethink my room partner if you have made someone that angry!

Shawn said...

Look at you rockin' those aviators!

Did you get Lasik? Dang your eyes are blue Beck..ca

I so loved Peeta he was my choice all the way and I was thrilled with the ending!

You couldn't be more correct, MACs are just smart and easy, smarter than me for sure!

Awe, I love that you think of me every time you see that Mickey bus. I am so blessed to be able to already call you one of my IRL friends!

Look at you coming in just 5 seconds over 5 minutes! Loved it!

Shawn said...

Oh I see, IA doesn't want to cut you JK does. I'm not sure who I fear more! JK is super fun and laughy but I'm thinking a whole new side of her comes out when anything negative about Twilight is referenced!

sarajo said...

Peeta is awesome! I read all those books in like a week! Sooo good!

And contacts? Or is the hair different? Both?

So what does your purse look like? It can't be that bad???

Anyway, great vlog!!

VandyJ said...

I'm an unwilling early bird--helped by the kids.
It's hard to go from a PC to a MAC--we had to use them in a lab when I went back to school and I was forever confused.
My large purse is taken over by little boy stuff too. Funny how kids can take over a purse.

Emmy said...

Love your video! Love the intro and your sunglasses, you just made it a lot of fun.

And thanks now I really want chocolate covered pretzels.

Oh and yes for Peeta!! I just got done reading those and could not not put them down.

And yea for Macs!

MiMi said...

My sister is named Jennifer and she HATES the name Jenny and will not answer.
TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!
Um. No glasses. Contacts? Lasik???
I'm jealous of your weather.

MiMi said...

I got a Kindle last May too. I love it! I love paper books too. :)

Mamarazzi said...

OMG how did you keep it to 5 minutes? i tried. i really did. i did a second take and only shaved a couple off so decided to just go with it.

meh, it's me...how can i condense myself?

ANYWAY back to you...i love that you won't answer to other ways people say your name...i am the same way.

wait, how do i keep making everything about me?

...just relating i suppose.

y'all are gonna have soo much fun in Dallas...jealous, but so happy for y'all...for realsies.

where are your glasses? did you get contacts? lasik?

Myya said...

I love how easily you speak.
Good for you for keepin it short, I tried with mine too.

Ok so what the heck is Peeta?

I like your name & I would NEVER call you Becky, Becca is WAY better!!

You look great without glasses, you look great with them too... it takes a specific face to be able to pull that off, dang you!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

My purse/diaper bag is boring too :( Just the regular ol' stuff. That lipgloss looks super fun! I need new lipgloss badly.

Miss Angie said...

Yum coffee. You're so cute, you're all comfortable in front of the camera. I get all nervous.

It's almost sad that we have to call them "Paper books" now! Also, Macs are awesome!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I am not an early person, but I am not a super late night person.
I've heard good things about Mac but I have been such a PC person I don't know if I could change at this point. I am an old dog. No new tricks for me.

shortmama said...

Love Becca...Becky reminds me of a itty bitty girl...Becca is grown up and still fun!

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