Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow 2011

This past week we had crazy weather. It was 75 on Sunday, where I enjoyed my first farmer's tan of the season and a smattering of freckles across my face.  By Tuesday, it was in the 20's with a wind chill in the single digits.  We didn't leave the house.  And as I heard that all of my DFW friends on Facebook were enjoying "Ice days" at home, Bubba and I enjoyed a few "non-snow-snow-days" at home ourselves.  We played with trains endlessly, drank lots of coffee, read books, and didn't step one foot outside.  

But on Friday, we finally got a small taste of the "snowmagaddon" the rest of the country was enduring. So, we only got 3/4 of an inch ~ someone referred to it as a powdered-donut ~ it was enough to shut down life as we know it here in Central Texas and this family enjoyed a REAL snow day!!

 these kids were up early to see the "snow" that had fallen the night before
 and there it is - our "winter wonderland"
 doing the "no school dance" at 7 am

 out we went in our pjs and coats to play!

 bubba didn't know what to think of it - a true Texas boy
 these kids had big plans
 ~ snowball fights ~ 
~ snowmen ~ 
~ sledding~
~ snow forts ~

not so much....
 playing in the back yard will have to do!

 except this poor bubba boy HATED it!!

Good thing we live in Texas, where weather like this only comes around once every couple of years!!


Jen said...

Yes, the cold days in Texas were crazy! I feel kinda like your little bubba. I am NOT a FAN of the cold. Glad y'all enjoyed your snow days!!

Vivienne said...

Brrr! Poor Bubba! But I'm glad his siblings got to have some fun.

Lyndsay said...

Love the last shot of Bubba! Glad the older two were able to take full advantage of the situation!!

Rhonda said...

Looks like the older ones had a blast! Poor's a good thing you do live in TX. Our 3rd round of snow is coming Tuesday night...8-10 more inches. We have missed over 10 days now of school due to snow, with 5 days from last Tuesday-today.

Kelli said...

Snow in TX...what is next? Poor Bubba's face :( I'm glad your kids got to experience it and miss school. Fun times!

Myya said...

That is so funny, I am glad you captured Bubba hating it. Totally something I would have made sure to capture too LOL.
I didn't know Texas ever got snow??? I thought we'd get some, but we haven't. I live in Oregon for pete's sake, we should have! Ehhh, I guess a couple years ago we got more then we could handle so maybe that is why???

Charon Benton said...

no snow for us here in ol' florida...but we are COLD!!!

Jan said...

Yeah! Snow in Texas!
(We sent that as a late Christmas present for the kids!) ;-)
Illinois Grandma and Papa
(still recovering from 12 inches!)

Emmy said...

As a girl born and raised outside of Chicago these pictures and the fact that it close down everything just make me laugh.

But as a now fully converted California girl-brrr :)

Cute pictures.

AndreaLeigh said...

this is crazy! texas got snow and south carolina didn't? I'm jealous.

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