Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can't Say No

            I can't say no.  To anything.  "Can you head this committee?" Sure.  "Can you be a VBS volunteer?" Why not?  "Can you be cookie mom again next year?"  I guess so.  "Wanna host a Gold Party?" Ok.  "Can you bring in 2 salads and 2 desserts for Teacher Appreciation Week?" I think I can.  "Would you like to be PTA President next year?" HUH?
I say yes.  
To everything.
           It drives Hubby bonkers.  Because even if I absolutely don't have the time or desire to do it, I say yes thinking I can squeeze extra time out of thin air or will some desire to get it done.  It is my desire to please everyone.  I have always been this way.
           And this week I am on the edge of a cliff, waiting to forget something, to see all my  hard work come crumbling down.
2 Teachers Appreciation Gifts  - done
10 Specials Gifts - not done yet
Decorations and Posters bought for PTA Movie Night- done
2 Salads made for TA Lunch -done
Collect Free Movie Tickets for PTA Movie Night - not done yet
Finish a Rehearsal Dinner DVD - gotta get done ASAP
Make Sure everyone has been called/emailed reminder for Gold Party - done
Food shopped for Gold Party - done
Make a Father's Day DVD example - to do today! (if I can stop bloggin!)
Smuckers Stars on Ice w/ Sis - tomorrow nite
Pack for Sis Girl Scout Camp - to do
Order cake for Bubba - to do
Order margarita machine, tables, and chairs - to do
Order Bubba's First Year Poster - to do
Prepare for Gold Party - Thursday
Make 2 desserts for TA Lunch - to do Thursday
Serve at TA Lunch - Friday
Set up, attend, and clean up at PTA Movie Night - Friday

         I know I am going to forget something here.  At this point, I am just ready for Saturday.  Cause then I get to start all over again with a list for next week- and next week is BIG!!!  Bubba's First Birthday! 
         As much as I complain about it, I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't keep busy like this.  Deep down inside, I know I enjoy it.  I love to throw parties and get people together.  I love to bake desserts for people.  I love doing things up at the kids school.  I think what I hate the most is feeling like I am going to forget something.  So, for now, I will live off of 5 different lists, take each day a step at a time, and slap that smile on my face.  Summer is almost here!!!


Kelli said...

I'm tired just reading your list. But doing what you love...you can't beat that.

Katie Lane said...


Anonymous said...

whew.. here's to summer!! :-)

Connie said...

You are awesome and I love you and I'm so impressed that you found time to comment on my post today!

Keep plugging along!

And holy cow seriously? The little one is going to be ONE?

Sugarplum Garters said...

I really struggle with saying "no" too. Fortunately I'm quickly learning, especially with my business. Bride contacts me on a Wednesday and needs a garter for Saturday? NO! It's hard because I'm a people pleaser but it's best for my sanity. You should try it - the last thing you need is to be overwhelmed! It's the worst! :o)

AndreaLeigh said...

Oh, that makes me tired. I don't know how you do it all! I'd be crazy.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

I am the same way, girl! I am very involved, but I will say..I'm learning to say NO!

Lyndsay said...

Oh my! How do you do it all? Good luck with the party next week. I can't wait to see pictures, we are having Gus' on his actual day (may 30th). By the way, what is Bubba's first year poster?

Shawn said...

I think we are sisters. For real! Your schedule looks like mine, including the new PTSA President position.

My sister reminds me that NO is not a 4-letter word but I just can't say it. My BF told me to tattoo NO to the palms of my hands so when I raise them to say "sure, I can do that" the truth that NO I can't can be seen. ANd I need to drink from my "Stop me before I volunteer again" mug more often!

Hang in there, it's almost time for a much needed summer break!

If you want to compare schedules and need a pep talk call me tomorrow after 1:00, Thursday between noon-2:30, Friday not a free minute, Saturday....that's a bad day too...ummm try Sunday after 9 cuz I'm sleeping in but before 10 because it's my only day with my hubby! !

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

My hubs always reminds me:
"'No.'is a complete sentence."

You're amazing! I cannot believe that BubbaBean is almost 1!

jennykate77 said...

I'm the EXACT same way! I can't ever say no. You do so much and are so involved!! I think you're an amazing wife and mom!

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