Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer 2013 Day 47: Let's REST

Exhausted…but there is still so much more to do!

Two full days at Disney wiped this family out.  We were so tired, but there is still so much more to see.  Let’s head to the beach.

We were invited to visit Newport Dunes in Newport Beach.  It’s a great resort for camping, RVs, or even day use.  It sits on the back bay of Newport Beach, so there is this fantastic cove to play in.

We enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio – Mom finally got her fish tacos – before heading over to play.
We got set up in our cabana before heading out onto our eco-kayaking tour.  This hour-long tour took us through some channels in the back bay looking for some gorgeous California birds.  It was an enjoyable, relaxing tour despite the fact that my son and I couldn’t get coordinated enough to steer our kayak.  My daughter and husband spent the whole time laughing at us and the tour guide finally had to tie a rope to his kayak to help us.  How embarrassing…..

After that fun (it really was), we headed to relax in our cabana while the big kids played.  There was a huge water playland that they spent hours on and we were able to rent a board to try our hand at Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  My daughter was a pro at it and paddled all around the bay.
Me?  I was so unsteady and shook the whole time thinking I was going to fall it – so I didn’t relax and enjoy it.  My husband – well, he took a swim and promptly brought the board back in.  I don’t quite think we get the whole SUP-craze…..
That evening we headed to a wonderful dinner in Laguna Beach.  Las Brisas has the most beautiful views of the Pacific.
It was just the meal we had hoped for while in California.  Hubby and daughter had steaks (that’s the Texas in them) and I had this amazing plate of seafood – lobster, scallops, crab – YUM.
Afterwards, we headed to the famous Shake Shack in Crystal Cove.  We had been told we “had” to try the famous date shakes.  Now what comes to your mind when someone says “date shake”?  Probably the same as me – eww, why would someone want to drink a date in a milkshake.  But when I asked someone about them, they said “date” meant you took your date to get a shake at the Shake Shack.  OHHHHHH.
They were wrong.  Shake Shack is known for their famous “date shakes and million dollar views”.  Like dates – mashed and mixed with steam milk.  So, this adventurous traveling mom tried it.  I was presented with the “Monkey Flip” – chocolate, bananas, peanut butter, and dates – and it wasn’t bad at all.
 And they were right – it was a million dollar view of the sunset over the Pacific – perfect way to nd the day.

The next day we went to the “beach”.  We went kayaking for 2 hours. Not my cup of tea. After doing the boringest thing in the world, I went and did stand up paddle boarding. I liked that. After resting for a while, I went with Jack to do the obstacle course. It was hard! The lifeguard finally said it was almost closing time so we had to get off.  After freshening up. We went and ate dinner. It was a Mexican resurant but I got a really good steak! We also got a milkshake from Ruby’s Shake Shack. It was so good to relax for a day.

Mom and I were in a kayak together.  We saw 3 crabs, 2 white birds and fish jumping out of the water.  I saw an angel shark but no one else did.  And mom and me were very terrible at steering the kayak.  The person navigating us had to tie the stern of the boat to the back of his to keep us straight.

When we got back to the beach, I went off along on to a blow-up obstacle course in the water.  It was really fun because it had a slide, and upside down climbing part (but you might slide off), a sort of rock-wall thing, and a place to jump over a hole.  It was actually pretty cool. 

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