Monday, February 18, 2013

I Hate You Downton Abbey

yes - I do - I hate you. (Don't read this post if you haven't watched the Season Three finale)

I absolutely think that Downton Abbey is the BEST television show we have on the tv right now.  Every single episode will make you laugh (the Dowager Countess has the BEST quips) and cry over the silliest romantic parts.  And I try to get everyone I know to watch the show.  Including buying Season One as Christmas gifts for friends (and Grandma!).

It captured my love from the very first episode.  I love the setting and the time period.  I love the history and the fanciness.  I love the upstairs and the downstairs stories and how they all interact.  I love the Britishish-ness of it all.

It has the best lines that make your heart go pitter-pat. At the end of Season Two, Matthew kept calling Mary "My Darling", I insisted that Matt start calling me that too (cause you know, our name.....) but he hasn't yet. I just sigh my way through the scenes with Mary & Matthew - they are the MOST romantic couple on television - and those that know me, know I'm not really a romantic.  They make me want to be a romantic.

I was shocked - SHOCKED - when Lady Sybil died after childbirth in the middle of season three but understood the story line - it played so well into Lord Grantham softening his heart to Tom and the family welcoming him as their own.  It was suited for the plot line. So I accepted it.


I did NOT see the ending of season three coming.  Never in a million years would I expect Matthew to be killed off.  One moment I am tearing up as the new family is so deliriously happy and an heir to Downton has been born and the next minute he is lying under a truck dead???  WHY??? WHY Julian Fellows must you mess with my sweet Matthew?  After taking TWO seasons to get them together - we love them and root for them and want to see their happiness - must you cause such misery?

Are you laughing sinisterly at all the fans who are so angry with you?

I know it's good writing - I know keep ing them together so happy would get boring - I know it's all about the ratings.  But I have grown to love these people and are so sad (ok - I recognize I'm sounding a wee bit crazy here......).  And the worst part of it all????  I don't want to have to wait til next January to see what happens next!

That said, I don't really hate you.  I still adore you.  You jut made me mad.  Like a little.  Maybe I'm over it now.  Maybe.

If you bring Shirley McClaine back and put her in with the Dowager and Violet, I might get over it real quick.......

Til January 2014.


Kasey said...

Another episode doesn't come on until next January?! stinky!

plastic business cards said...

when will the next episode come?

Kelli said...

I was so bummed and immediately Googled to find out why. It's the actor's fault...he left the show. Boo! And I'm so sad to have to wait an entire year. But I love it...all of it.

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