Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WWTKW - School's Out!

It's Wednesday and I desperately need to be cleaning house, but instead I find myself answering random questions posted from my sweet friend, Impulsive Addict, in the We Want to Know Wednesday challenge:

And the random questions are......
{1} If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?
No talent - no singing, dancing, funniness, etc. But that's ok cause I can do the below talent.

{2} What's the most likely reason you'd become famous?
Cause I have MAD SKILZ makin fun movies like this:

 (insert shameless self-promotion here...I am making some great one's for Father's Day - check out our special at Darling Memories

{3} What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?
My last name is Darling. And I hear about it all the time - I don't get tired of hearing the questios, but some of them are really stupid:
Wow, is that really your last name? No, I made it up.  As in Peter Pan? Yes, we purposely named ourselves after a Disney cartoon.  I bet you get a lot of jokes about that, huh Darlin'? Ha!  That's a good one - no one has ever called me "Darlin'". And my favorite.....Did you marry your hubby for his name?  Yeah.  I did.

{4} What's the last thing you broke?
I tend to break thing very easily because I try to "juggle" too much at once - for example, last week I forgot to make cupcakes for a soccer party, so I had to run to the cvs for cupcake mix & frosting, only to get home and have not cupcake liners - borrowed some from a good friend, made then all nice and pretty only to drop the baby's diaper bag on top of them when I got to the party.  #storyofmylife

{5} Finish this sentence: I can't believe I used to _______.
Work full time and still be a momma.  I spent yesterday from 8-4:30 interviewing 8 candidates for the principal position at our elementary school (which was a huge honor to be asked in of itself).  It was a long, tedious, exhausting day.  I came home and didn't want to move from the couch.  I am sure if I did it everyday, I'd be used to it, but I can't say that I'd want to be - I had no energy to cook dinner, give the baby a bath, or even watch tv - I was a slug - so mad props to all my hard workin' momma friends - I don't miss it........

Well, thanks for the distraction IA.  Take a moment to visit my other friends, Shawn, Mamarazzi, & Janette - creators of this fun Wednesday distraction activity.  Have a great rest of the week!


Connie Weiss said...

I just cringed at the cupcake story!!

Hope you found a good candidate for Principal.

VandyJ said...

Having mad video skillz is awesome--I can't even edit photos.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Aww, I'm sorry about the cupcakes :( I would've cried. But then, everything makes me cry right now.

I always wonder how workin' mamas do it. Always. I can barely keep up with everything around here as it is, and I'm home all day.

AndreaLeigh said...

You do have mad skills at making videos!

I get the same thing with our last name. Like the TV show? Brickhouse? AHHHHH.

I'm so sorry about the cupcakes. That is SO something I would do.

I can't believe you are at home all day with Bubba! I swear, the days I am home with Cooper (although I love it) the day just drags by with me trying to find things to entertain him. He is exhausting!

MiMi said...

Ok, I LOL'd for reals at the answers to the questions about your last name.
I can just SEE your face when answering. LOL!! :)

jennykate77 said...

You SERIOUSLY have some MAD MAD video skillz, yo!!!

I can't get enough of our video...I'm watching it again as I type this.

I love that your last name is Darling...that way I can say "Becca, Darling" anytime I want to.

Love you!♥

Nadine Hightower said...

I don't miss my job either... total burn out. There's more to life than slaving away for someone else to take trips and I'm the one that is tired all the time!!

Johanson Family said...

I wish I could talk my husband into letting me be a stay at home mom... working and having 3 kids just sounds like a crazy woman waiting to happen!! :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

It is amazing that some women manage to balance both! (Oh no! about the cupcakes but your mad skillz on the video editing more than makes up for it!)

shortmama said...

Yeah my fave question about my last name is "so youre last name is Short and youre short, that worked out great for you huh?"

Uh yeah it would have been horrible to marry someone with the last name Tall

Impulsive Addict said...

Your mad movie making skills are off da HOOK! You rock and we love you for it! {You should totally self promote your business} .

Wait...your last name is Darling? I had no idea! I thought it was just a Texas thing.

No wonder you and I are such good friends. We are both clumsy.

Thanks for linking up with us! I love me some Becca!

Shawn said...

I love your MAD MOVIE MAKIN' SKILZ! I keep saying I need to have you make a movie for me, I'll get around to it one day. Maybe when Honey graduates high school. That gives me 2 years to get my crap together!

Did you ever consider naming Sissy Wendy?

I do not know how my working Mom friends do it. They wow and amaze me every day!

Myya said...

You do have some Mad Movie Makin Skillz! Props to you... Holla!!!

I have double vowels in my first & my last name & each are only 4 letters so people constantly ask me if I spelled something wrong. People are so dumb sometimes!!!

Complete & total props to all the working mamas. I cannot imagine trying to fit in work to my day.

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