Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Boy & His "Boon"

Hi Friends & Family.  It has been crazy busy around here getting ready for the holidays.  I have also been making lots of Virtual Christmas Cards too!!! (It's not too late to make one!!)  So,I have not had much time to blog and tell you all about what's going on in Texas.

However, I was able to capture a special moment with Bubba over the weekend.  My sweet boy LOVES balloons.  "Boons" as he calls them.  It started at our local H.E.B., where the sweet checkers give Bubba a "boon" every time we go.  The fascination started with the colorful bouncy object, but quickly moved to what was attached to it...a sucker...that my stinker now knows how to unwrap and eat in the car on the way home....with out momma knowing it.  stinker.

Anyways...back to this weekend.  We went to a Christmas festival in Downtown RR which was fabulous - a great home-town event complete with Santa on his sleigh.  Our sweet friends waited in a huge line to get balloons for all the kids and gave the Bubba boy 2.  He was perfectly content the rest of the night holding onto his "boons":

he took a bath with them
 and wanted to go to bed with them.  
don't worry- I snuck back in 5 mins later and gently pulled them out of his hand after he fell asleep- still in this position.
 he woke up the next morning
and "carried" them around all weekend, stuck to his hair.

After watching this, I seriously contemplated returning all his expensive Christmas gifts.  I think I'd rather get him a helium tanks and a bag of "boons" this year.


Anonymous said...

What can I say...this little guy is so much fun!
Illinois Grandma Jan

Connie said...

That is awesome!

I remember the first time my kids got balloons...they took them everywhere!!

Rhonda said...

He is precious as ever! Love the hair sticking to the balloon! Hope you all are well!

Anonymous said...

aww love his little voice saying boon!!

Vivienne said...

I love, LOVE the pic of him in his crib with the boons.
He's so precious!

Myya said...

That pic of him in the crib... soooo adorable! Isn't it funny how attached they can get to the simplest things.

Shawn said...

If you don't smile while watching that video someone needs to check you for a pulse!

Too sweet!

AndreaLeigh said...

that is just too adorable! it bought tears to my eyes!

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