Friday, November 6, 2009

Darling Memories- A new Ad-venture!

Almost a year ago, I became unemployed. The company I was working for for the last 11 years laid off 30,000 people and I was one of them. I was devastated for only a short time- I was 5 months pregnant and looking forward to taking time off with my new baby. I knew that it was in God's plan to allow me this time to be a mommy- not only to the baby, but to the older ones as well. My plan was to take the summer off with all 3 of them and then go back to work in the fall.
Well, the fall is here. And I'm still home. And everyday I ask myself if I am doing the right thing. I enjoy working and did not think I would enjoy being home all day. There are days that I struggle with this. It is all encompassing - I think on it all day - "what to do?" I know that staying home with the baby is a blessing that I never had with the other 2 and I should savor every moment. But there is a little creeping fear of $$$ that always invades my thoughts.
So, "what to do?" Do I enjoy being alone all day with no adults to talk to - sometimes. Do I enjoy mopping, cleaning toilets, laundry, cooking dinner- not really (but who does?). Do I enjoy the smiles Bubba Boy gives me ALL DAY LONG- absolutely! Do I enjoy being there for my kids when they get off the bus- Yes I do! So, how do I get the best of both worlds? An income and being at home? Well, I had to get creative.
I have been working on a few ideas to own my own business and have started one of them. I love to make movies on my Mac using pictures and music- a photo slideshow. There is nothing more stirring than seeing the pictures you cherish tell your story. Add in a wonderful heart-stirring song, and there is not a dry eye in the house! I love making movies of my family and in the past year, I started making them for friends.
So, enter "Darling Memories"- I am making photo slideshows for you! For the birth of a baby, the 40th wedding anniversary, the 60th birthday, the best birthday party for your 7 year old, the baptism of your baby, and much more. I love putting these together- there is no better gift to give your parents, your spouse, your kids, or your best friend.
Take a second and visit my site and if you are so inclined, keep me in mind of any of your friends or family would like something like this- maybe a great Christmas present for a spouse or parent? The best form of advertisement is word of mouth!

I put this together for the site, but I think it is adorable- and it gives you the sense of sentiment I like to make in my movies:

My hope is that I am busy enough to have fun with this. It allows me to do something I enjoy and be home with my children and that is what matters the most. It also allows me to concentrate on some other ideas I have to be able to stay at home- I know that this is God's plan for our lives right now and ultimately trust in him to be successful.
Thanks for all your support!


Kelli said...

You found your niche!!! That is a wonderful thing, do be working and doing something that you love. I'm sure it'll be wonderful.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

That is beautiful, Becca! I'm so happy you found something that you love to do *and* you'll be able to be at home with your little ones. The best of both worlds!

Anonymous said...

oh so fun and creative!! Love them :-)

Shawn said...

I love it!

Look at that short hair in the Christening picture? Illinois huh? That's where I'm from.

I will so keep you in mind!

Best of luck to you!

Vivienne said...

I got all teary-eyed watching that! I love that you're going to do this. :)
I have a HS reunion coming up... maybe we'll have you do the slide show!

Xazmin said...

OH, good luck Becca! I will definitely make sure to spread the word!

Love the video!

jennykate77 said...

I think this business venture definitely sounds like a solution!! It is something you're so good at (the video is amazing) and I'm sure something that you really love doing...and it keeps you at home with your kiddos...sounds like the perfect mixture! Good luck! I'll be passing it on too!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!

Miller Racing Family said...

I totally understand what you mean about trying to balance the emotions about staying home and the need to work. I checked out your website and I will for sure keep you in mind, it sounds like a great idea.
I hope you have had a great weekend.

Jen said...

Good luck Becca! I wish you tons of success - it's the best of both worlds to be able to do something you love & make some money doing it - hope it works out!

Keri said...

I so love this idea!!! I am praying this is HUGELY successful for you. My sister has done a couple of these - always for weddings but at the end of last year our PTO hired her to put together a volunteer slide show with voice over interviews from kids whose moms had put in 100 volunteer hours or more. It was great!!

The possibilities are endless.........keep us posted!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Everyone is so excited about this, and you are so good at putting these together! I know it is going to be successful! Glad you are sharing this talent with other people!

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